Environmental Science Current Events

Environmental science is a branch of biology that is concerned about the relations between the people, animals and organisms with the environment. It is also an interdisciplinary field involving both physical sciences such as chemistry, geology, geography, physics and biology as well as engineering and resource technology along with social sciences such as resource management, demography, economics, ethics, politics and conservation. It has a broad scope that encompasses the conditions that greatly or minimally affect other organisms and man. Human and natural resources are interdependent and the misuse or the use of one of them will affect the other.

An example of an organization that deals with environmental science is the AGI or the American Geological Institute. The organization’s mission is to offer information needs of the science and earth community that is consistent with its strategic plan. It also includes initiatives that will increase the understanding of the public regarding the control of the earth system on environmental issues. In addition, AGI offers communication on the societal needs that are related to the earth’s resources and processes as well as to disseminate information that are significant to environmental professionals within the geoscience and the science and technology community.

There are some current science news including programs and symposiums that the AGI had organized in order for us to understand the ever-changing state of our environment. Current news about environmental science is about management of sediment, soil and groundwater. This is a talk or a seminar about conserving our natural resources, which will be held in Salzburg, Austria in September 2010. This event will be the 11th edition of their so-called “ConSoil Conferences”. This conference is considered as the leading platform to exchange knowledge and news between policy makers, service providers, consultants, scientists and administrators as well as river basin or site owners, managers, banking companies and remediation contractors along with insurance companies