Environmental Exposure Diseases

If you make a study of the major factors affecting the health and illness of populations, environmental related diseases may certainly be responsible for the state of the ill-health of populations around the world. Environmental diseases are caused by environmental factors that may not be transmitted genetically or by infection.

Exposure to toxins, pathogens, radiation and chemicals are some of the environmental factors contributing to large scale maladies. The causes can range from occupational health hazards to chemicals found in almost all personal care products and household cleaners. Diseases caused by exposure to chemicals in the environment such as lead poisoning and so on are also common.

The environmental hazards to ill health are possible causes for a large segment of non-hereditary disease. There are many different types of environmental disease that include in its purview diseases caused by physical factors in the environment include skin cancer caused by excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation in sunlight.

With world focus directed towards AIDS in a bid to provide humanitarian relief to the disease spread widely across the world, many other diseases resulting from over use of pesticides leading to carcinogenic disorders need to be combated too. Environment influences on health through exposures to physical, chemical and biological risk factors require behavioral changes to respond to them.